Khaled Sayed Bio:

Director Khaled Sayed

Khaled Sayed is an award-winning documentary director, who worked as a lawyer in Egypt before he moved to the United States, where he studied Multimedia production at San Francisco State University.

Khaled has directed and produced commercials, documentaries, online campaigns, promos, and short films for a wide range of industries. He also brings a strong background in editing and storytelling to his work.

In addition to his commercial experience, he has worked on multiple documentary projects supporting causes ranging from environmentalism to animal rights.

His current project brings him back to his roots, as he explores the story behind the revolution taking place in Egypt, where he was born.

Khaled currently spends much of his time attending film festivals and screenings of his project, Egypt: the Story Behind the Revolution, around the United States and in other countries around the world. He frequently engages in lively and entertaining Q&A sessions with the audience afterward, fielding questions about the current situation in Egypt, as well as the anticipated future of the revolution.

Khaled has been accepting public speaking engagements and is also available for interviews on radio, newspapers, and for podcast audiences.

Please feel free to reach out through or @KhaledFilms on Twitter for information about his availability.