Egypt: The Story Behind the Revolution Trailer

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Egyptian Revolution Documentary Synopsis:

Filmed primarily in Egypt in March of 2011, soon after the January revolution, this film introduces you to Egyptians who lived under Mubarak and helped to bring him down. Included are interviews with many young revolutionaries fighting for a new start for Egypt.

Watch as people tell you their reasons for taking to the streets of Egypt to call for freedom and reforms, and what led them to ask for Mubarak's resignation.

They also tell you about their experiences during the protest that took 18 days to remove Mubarak from power, and their views on the world's reaction to their stand off.

Feel the joy as their hard work pays off when Mubarak steps down after thirty years in power.

This documentary is a snapshot of Egyptian people's views about what happened and why.

Recent Press Coverage:

Capital Public Radio Interview
"Arab Spring Documentary Shot primarily in Egypt in March, 2011 "Egypt: The Story Behind the Revolution" uses interviews with Egyptian youth to show why they revolted against the Hosni Mubarak led government. We'll speak with director Khaled Sayed. The film shows for free this Thursday at Sacramento State."
Global Peace Radio Interview
Radio interview with Khaled Sayed at Rollins College, and Orlando, FL radio statio,n during the Global Peace Film Festival.
Sandspur News Article
Article in The Sandspur newspaper about Khaled Sayed and his documentary, Egypt: The Story Behind the Revolution.